2012 New Years Resolution

  1. Inbox 0

  2. Archive and label everything. My inbox is no longer a to-do list of unread messages. In addition, I’ve been using Sparrow which makes this even easier.

  3. Keep it simple stupid

  4. Less is more. Less peripherals allows me to be more mobile, but it doesn’t mean my data isn’t safe. I started using Arq instead of multiple external hard drives. It works automatically and backs up everything to the cloud. Less is simple.

  5. Less baggage

  6. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to pack a backpack, go somewhere, and have everything I need. Less is more; more is burdensome.
  7. In 2011 I sold the MacBook Pro and picked up a MacBook Air.

  8. Eat breakfast at least 6/7 times a week

  9. Already feeling way better. More energy, less crankiness.

  10. Eat out less & eat in more.

  11. Not only is it cheaper, but cooking is a great way to de-stress.


Matt is the cofounder and CTO of Sidestep – a company that lets you pre-order concert merch and skip the line. He's a serial entrepreneur who worked at Apple, Rockadoo and Cofactor software.

San Francisco, CA
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