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Social Media Tip of the Week

Facebook and Twitter are everywhere. You can tweet this or share that all over the web, but most likely, you’re doing it wrong. While they are powerful platforms, most companies, brands, and people are doing it all wrong. In this new series I’ll introduce tips that will help you leverage social media platforms to the fullest. Don’t expect it to be easy because it’s not. It’s all about interaction and I don’t mean “Check out my new product X, it

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In need of your help and a new MacBook Pro!

I need a new MacBook Pro desperately! I’ve been using a laptop that’s rapidly approaching 5 years old. I’m also a poor college student in need of your help! Here’s what I will do with the new MacBook Pro: School Work (Very Important) Work on my many side projects (Summer Sweat for example) Take over the world Alternatives to the MacBook Pro: Hammer and Chisel (I hear the stone age is returning) Two cans and string (Can you hear me now?) How

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