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Don't Try Scamming Me

I posted a computer for sale on craigslist and it seemed like someone was interested, one Diana Webber: is your item still for sale?? Naturally I responded: Yes. Are you interested The next email I receive states that the person is completely OK with the price and doesn’t want to look at it, however, now this person begins sending all text italicized: I am buying it for a friend,here is the shipping address Marcus Tate 6454 n ridge ave apt g w chicago, IL

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Apple Store Back up with updated Goodies!

When the Apple Store goes down Apple fanboys get excited. Preeminently a tall-tail sign of new products. Today’s new (or updated) products include the iMac, the Mac Mini and the king of all kings, the Mac Pro. Apple® today introduced the new Mac® Pro using Intel “Nehalem” Xeon processors and a next-generation system architecture to deliver up to twice the performance of the previous generation system.* The new Mac Pro starts at $2,499 and features the latest graphics technology and an updated interior that

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