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Artist Shepherd Fairey Arrested In Boston Friday Night

Shepherd Fairey, the famous graffiti artist responsible for Obey as well iconic imagery used in the Barack Obama presidential campaign was arrested in Boston on Friday night. Fairey was in town for an opening of a new show of his, “Supply and Demand,” at the Institute of Contemporary Art. He was arrested on two outstanding warrants for graffiti in Boston. [Thomas Hawk] Read more at Thomas Hawks blog, “Digital Connection“

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Obama Website Unveils Digg-like Community

“Open for Questions” is the name of the new feature in Obama’s Transition team website change.gov With so many Americans involved in the political process for the first time, there’s a great deal of interest in what’s happening inside the Transition right now — and what happens next. Today, we’re rolling out a new feature that lets you ask the Transition team any questions you have about the issues that are important to you. Read More.

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