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RIT does not believe in their own

A common phrase, “Practice what you preach” has lost its meaning among the RIT faculty. An institution that claims it is among the top in the world with world class professors, innovative techniques and academia second to none, should have no problem believing in its students. A little over a year ago I developed an iPhone application for RIT. At the time it was just what we needed – an app that could pinpoint buildings on a map, show me customizable events, and allow me to look

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Dominoes Everywhere

Video created for Imagine RIT, an annual festival at Rochester Institute of Technology focused on creativity and innovation of its students, faculty, and staff. The cardboard man at the beginning who kicks the first domino is RIT President Bill Destler. Dominoes Everywhere from Jared Lyon on Vimeo.

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RIT in a Nutshell

My sister decided to snoop around Urban Dictionary and typed in her school name, Roanoke College. roanoke college is a social, not academic, conglomerate of good looking drunk people in pastels and pearls. the typical, good looking roanoke college student possesses a casual arrogance which is eclipsed only by the size of their disposable income.

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Feel the Power of the Schwartz

How many professors do you know that would sing in front of their class? Unless you’re taking music classes, I doubt you’ll be raising your hand for this one, but let me rephrase the question: How many Computer Science professors will create a parody of the course and then perform it in front of class with the instrumental version of Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen?” Put your hands down.

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RIT: The Ban on Alcohol

There are five types of drinkers in this world: alcoholics, recovering alcoholics, drunks, college students and RIT students. Alcoholics go to Alcoholics Anonymous to become a recovering alcoholic whilst college students go to RIT to do the same. In the fall of 1997, RIT decided that it was a good idea to ban all alcohol use in RIT residence halls including Greek housing and allowing it to only drinking-age students in the RIT apartments. However, RIT

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