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SmashLAB Appeals To Discovery Channel To “Suck Less”

This is an interesting story about the Canadian based design company SmashLAB, which has the same name as Discovery Channel’s TV show Smash Lab. The problem isn’t the use of the SmashLAB name, but rather that the show is so bad that people arecomplaining, and that now their company “sucks by association” when people search on the name. So they’ve written one of the funnier open letters I’ve ever read, asking Discovery Channel to simply “suck less.” [TechCrunch] A very interesting proposal

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Search for 'real people' on twitter

It’s surprising that a site this successful managed to get by without this type of functionality, but this belated function now means that you can search for fellow tweets by their real names. Crazy. Agreed.Alas, find real people on twitter: You can either search for names in the main search bar or go to the new, dedicated “Who Are You Looking For?”   option. Via Tech Radar

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