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NHL 09: A Lightning Review

Since EA’s NHL 09 release on September 25 of this year, I’ve been playing the game whenever I have free time. There are a few new moves for the offense, a few for the defense but where the game really sets itself apart from its predecessor (NHL 08) is the EA Sports Hockey League. The EA Sports Hockey League, or EAHL, allows players to create a club with their friends and compete online using the created player to gain both achievements and points to

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2008 NHL Playoffs

The 2008 NHL Playoffs are finally here and the Washington Capitals made are seeded third. This year’s playoffs begins today April 9th and consist of 16 teams: eight from the East and eight from the West. In order to their placement beginning with the eastern conference are: Montreal Canadiens Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals New Jersey Devils New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins For the western conference: Detroit Redwings San Jose Sharks Minnesota Wild Anaheim Ducks Dallas Stars Colorado Avalanche Calgary Flames Nashville

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